The TPI company with the introduction of Nivel system, set up a service center for Nivel system measuring instruments . In order to provide the customers with comprehensive and professional world-class service we systematically enrich labs with the modern tools and workshop equipment. Our employees undergo training in the country and abroad , raising their skills in order to service your equipment better.

Undoubted TPI Service Center strengths such as workstations equipment, spare parts warehouse and large service team, enables efficient and professional execution of repairs and maintenance.

To meet your expectations TPI company has also 6 regional service points , which with the help of our employees you can quickly rectify your measuring equipment or repair it.

TPI Service Center for Central and Eastern Europe performing warranty and post-warranty service

If you need to use the warranty service , please contact:

tel. 22 632 91 40,
fax 22 862 43 09



Regional service centers - checking and rectifiying equipment

In TPI Regional centers any TPI client can check for free measurement equipment on collimators which are available at the TPI offices:

Service Center

■ WARSAW, ul. Bartycka 22

Regional service points

  • ■ WROCLAW, al. T. Boya-Żeleńskiego 69
    ■ POZNAN, ul. J. H. Dąbrowskiego 136
    ■ KRAKOW, ul. J. Dekerta 18
    ■ GDANSK, ul. Na Stoku 53/55
    ■ RZESZOW, ul. Mickiewicza 12