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Construction Lasers - Nivel System CL4D-B, CL4D-G THE CLASH of GIANTS




Currently, there is a variety of construction lasers of various brands on the market, offering various functions and possibilities. We are very often faced with a difficult decision: Which laser to choose and what is the best investment?

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Why is it worth calibrating and maintenance construction lasers?


For what purpose?

When purchasing measuring equipment, we want it to serve us for years. It should undergo systematic diagnostic if we want it to be reliable and perform precise measurements. It guarantees well prepared equipment for work, the timeliness of the work performed and the avoidance of costly corrections.

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Why is it not worth considering only the low price when choosing measuring equipment?


Very often, we take the brand, technical parameters and price into consideration when choosing equipment for work. We take the user opinions and information about the website support into account. The service provided plays a key role for the measuring equipment used in construction. The service department prepares the equipment for sale, checks and calibrates it. If problems arise, it solves the issues quickly and efficiently.

At a time when the market is totally saturated with offers, often low-priced - we wonder if it is worth taking advantage of products, whether it is worth taking the risk and potentially risking the consequences of corrections or even destruction of building materials. Therefore, when deciding to buy measuring equipment, it is worth remembering that practically we are buying accuracy.

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Nivel System SAFETY


Nivel System SAFETY is a new project aimed at ensuring comfortable work with devices offered by the brand. It covers three main areas of activity:

• care for human safety (OHS)

• care for environment (ECO)

ensuring the safety accuracy of measurements

Observing the sales globalization in measuring construction tools, we are afraid of lowering the quality of products at the expense of safety. Therefore, the brand already implements the Nivel System SAFETY program, providing customers with the highest quality equipment.

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CL4D-B - the ERA of the BLUE LASER is coming


We are pleased to announce the launching of the first Nivel System cross laser with a blue beam. The CL4D-B laser is equipped with the Japanese brand SHARP diode. The laser light has a wavelength of 505 nm in comparison to others with a green beam (515 - 535 nm) - gives even greater comfort while working with a visible beam.

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MC-1D - the laser system dedicated for controlling the operation of the construction machinery


The MC-1D leveling system allows controling the height of the mechine's working element, from the operator's cabin. In this way, the operator has a constant view of the height of the mechine's bucket or blade  in relation to the established reference line (determined by the rotating laser).

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7 arguments: LASER versus OPTIC


Why it is worth choosing the laser level instead of the optical level?

Explore 7 keys arguments!


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The modern, multi-purpose Nivel System CL4D-G is a 4D cross laser with a superb visible green laser beam


The modern, multi-purpose Nivel System CL4D-G is a 4D cross laser with the superb visible green laser beam (wavelength 515nm). The unit presents 4 perfectly leveled reference lines on the plane (2 vertically and 2 horizontally), each in the 360° range.

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Distance meters with a super visible green laser beam. Watch movie!


New series HDM Green – modern distance meters with a super visible green laser beam. It is four times better visible than the red one, thanks to which we can aim at further distances (we can see the laser dot better).

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Nivel System NL540 - a multi-purpose rotation laser for all types of general construction works. Watch!


We proudly present one of the latest NL500 series -  long range rotation laser Nivel System NL540.


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