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Nivel System DT-5 - precision electronic theodolite for every construction site

Nivel System DT-5, electronic theodolite is a precise 5-second measurement instrument, thanks to it you can easily and quickly determine the directions, angles or specify a slope. This one of the most important measurement tools on a construction site, is characterized by a fairly extensive construction, for this type of instruments. This model, among others, has two side displays that enhance working comfort. Single axis compensator alows operating in the area with unstable ground without the need to constantly monitor the accuracy of leveling the laser plummet over given point. Theodolite DT-5 is resistant to harsh weather conditions (IPX6), which makes it ready to work even in the pouring rain. High capacity battery allows for long time measurements in the field.

  • precision measurements - a modern horizontal circle reading system allows immediate use of theodolite after its taking out from the case, and side tubular vial facilitates accurate leveling of theodolite
  • without worrying about the vibration and shock - compensator of horizontal circle lets the theodolite work around heavy machinery causing vibrate the ground
  • ease of use - using the theodolite is extremely easy, and the measurement results are displayed on the backlit LCD instrument screen
  • versatility - for measuring angles, direction, altitude, inclination, staking, transfer the azimuths to the wells
  • robust design, measurements in all conditions - the instrument is fully waterproof and dustproof (IPX6), so you can use it even in the toughest conditions on the construction site

Brand equipment at an affordable price

Nivel System is a brand of measuring instruments for the construction and surveying introduced to the Polish market by TPI in 2003, Nivel system Products are addressed to a wide audience, for whom one of the basic criteria for selection is a reasonable price with a simultaneous guarantee of adequate quality, which provides the ability to use the professional measuring set in multiple applications with lower costs than before. Instruments Nivel system characterized by its own original designs and colors which makes the recognition of the brand simple and straightforward. Nivel System is a assurance of safe and comfortable working in many common applications. With a network of service centers spread across the country, each user has easy access to professional services.

Nivel system Electronic theodolite DT-5 is an instrument which is mainly characterized by ease of use. To use this tool , you do not need to have specialized knowledge, everything you need is a short training. The instrument has a clear, double-sided displays, which dynamically showing current readings of the measured horizontal and vertical angles. Box vial let accurately level the instrument over the point spot. With the convenient laser plumment the instrument can be quickly set above the point and precise compensator keeps the equipment in the correct position even when operating on an unstable surface. Highest quality optics guarantees the measurement of large accuracies. An undoubted advantage of a theodolite is a power supply system (battery) and high resistance to dust and water (IPX6).

Typical applications of the Nivel System DT- 5: civil engineering and land surveying, angle measurements, determination, determination of slopes, tilts, and any work related to the determination of the direction and straight lines.


Set Includes:

electronic theodolite DT-5 1 pc
carrying case 1 pc
battery 1 pc
charger 1 pc
extra pack for dry batteries 1 pc
owner's manual in Polish 1 pc




Length (mm) 155
Lens diameter (mm) 45
Zoom 30x
Image simple
Field of view 1°30'
Resolution (") 2,5
Minimal focusing range (m) 1,5 m
Angle measurement
Method of measurement absolute reading
Reading H: double-sided
V : double-sided
Minimum reading 1"/5"
Accuracy 5"
Display Two-sided backlit
Keyboard 6 buttons
Type single
Range ± 3'
Operating conditions
Temperature range -20°C ~ +50°C
Moisture, dust IPX6
Plummet laser
Batteries battery (3,7 V)
Laser point no
Tribrach undetachable
Dimensions (H x W x D), (Mm ) 160x190x324
Weight (with battery) 4,8 kg
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